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$4,000 tax credit available for eligible ACC businesses

Any lawful business of any nature located within Athens-Clarke County that created at least 2 new net full-time jobs in the past tax year may be eligible for a $4,000 per job tax credit through the Georgia Job Tax Credit Program. The credit can be taken for five years, beginning with tax year 2020-2021 (when they were created) and for the four immediately succeeding taxable years. The jobs must be newly created within this 2020-2021 tax year, require a minimum of 35 hours worked/week, offer health insurance upon employment, and pay an average wage of at least $589/week or $30,628/year (as of June 2021). To claim the credit, complete the IT-CA 2012 Georgia Job Tax Credit Form linked below and attach it to the Georgia Income Tax Return for your business when you submit it to the state. Please note that Athens-Clarke County is classified as a Tier 1 county ($3,500 tax credit) and participates in a Joint Development Authority (JDA - $500 bonus tax credit), so the available tax credit is $4,000 per eligible job created.

  • Link to the IT-CA 2012 Georgia Job Tax Credit Form (on ACCGov website)

  • Overview of the Georgia Job Tax Credit Program (on GA Department of Community Affairs website - direct link:

- From the Athens-Clarke County Economic Development Department

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