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ACC seeks feedback on proposed pet registration program

The Athens-Clarke County Unified Government (ACCGov) Animal Services Department is considering a pet licensing program for the community for dogs and cats. An online survey is available at through July 31, 2023 to collect community feedback on the proposed program.

The program would require residents to register their pet and their pet's vaccination status for a 1-3 year period based on the length of the rabies vaccination. The registration would require a fee, although some discounts and incentives would be proposed.

Owners could also provide other optional information with registration – such as pet medical conditions, microchip information, photos, and other data – that would assist other residents or Animal Services in identifying and returning pets to their owners. Owners could choose the level of privacy of this information individually.

The program would also help better understand the number of pets in the community, assist in covering some of the costs for the Animal Services Department, and provide data for future animal-related community programs.

This proposal is currently under discussion by the Mayor and Commission's Legislative Review Committee (LRC) for any recommendations that would be made to the full Commission. The survey is designed to provide community feedback to the LRC prior to their August 2, 2023 meeting.

To learn more about the proposed program and share feedback by July 31, visit

For additional questions, contact the Animal Services Department at 706-613-3540.

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