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After armed robbery charge dismissed, Athens teen sentenced to boot camp, probation

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

By Joe Johnson

An Athens teen who had been indicted for pistol whipping and robbing another teen two years ago was recently sentenced to a boot camp and probation.

Fredrick Heard, 19, of Bonnie Lane was indicted in December 2019 for armed robbery, three counts of aggravated assault and one count of obstruction of a law enforcement officer, according to the indictment that was filed in Clarke County Superior Court.

According to Athens-Clarke County police, the incident occurred the afternoon of Nov. 15, 2019 when a 16-year-old boy was walking in the area of 755 Broad apartments on East Broad Street and was accosted by Heard and two other teens.

During the incident, Heard allegedly brandished a pistol at the victim and struck the victim in the head and body with his fists and the gun, according to the indictment.

He allegedly stole an iPhone 6, headphones and a bag of chips with a total value of $172.

Heard was arrested in the vicinity of the incident following a foot pursuit, police said.

The indictment had been filed when Ken Mauldin was district attorney for Athens-Clarke and Oconee counties.

A new charging document, called an accusation, was filed Thursday by the DA’s office that is now headed by Deborah Gonzalez that charged Heard a single count of aggravated assault for brandish a handgun at the victim and striking him with his fists.

As part of a negotiated plea on Thursday, Heard pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and the charges in the previous indictment were dismissed.

Pursuant to the plea deal, Superior Court Judge Lawton Stephens sentenced Heard to one year in confinement, with credit given for three months that he spent in jail following his arrest, and the balance suspended after spending 90 to 120 days in a Department of Corrections boot camp program, and nine years on probation, according to court records.

The judge gave Heard, who had not been previously convicted of a felony, a “behavioral incentive” date of Oct. 7, 2024, at which time probation will end provided that Heard has met all of its requirements, which include not engaging in gang behavior or affiliating with gang members.

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