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After consideration, CCSD decides against changing school start and end times

Earlier this year, in response to transportation-related issues, the Clarke County School District launched a study committee, comprised of school leaders and district-level staff, to consider the modification of school start and end times for the 2023-24 academic year. As part of the committee’s work, CCSD also solicited feedback from members of our community on two proposals for changes to the current school schedules. We received hundreds of comments and have read each one. It became clear as we reviewed the comments — which came from teachers, students, parents, other caregivers, and members of the community at large — that there was no single favored path forward.

With that in mind, the district has determined that the issue requires more research and deliberation before any potential changes are made. We will continue to study the problems related to bus driver shortages, bus routes, and instructional time missed due to transportation issues and will continue to seek public input throughout the process. However, our school start and end times will remain the same for the upcoming school year.

CCSD thanks all of those who took the time to provide thoughtful input and potential solutions for the issues our district faces with regard to school schedules and transportation. We appreciate your feedback and support as we work to best meet the needs of our students, staff, and families.

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