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April Fools' Day prankster uses Athens-Clarke 911 for dangerous hoax

By Joe Johnson

Someone on Wednesday pulled an illegal and dangerous April Fools’ Day prank, according to the Athens-Clarke County Police Department.

Shortly before 12:30 p.m., ACCPD posted on its Facebook page that they had “just received a burglary in progress call that said residents were trapped inside.”

With officers not knowing if there were armed and dangerous suspects involved, their response to the hoax call for help “created a huge danger for the family in the home minding their own business,” police said in the social media post.

“For the record, this is abuse of 911 and could rise to the level of reckless conduct or worse. Please be responsible!” the post stated.

“We know it's April Fools’ Day,” police said in the Facebook post. “With that said, it is NEVER acceptable to use our 911 Center or the Police Department to carry out any pranks.”

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