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Artists of Athens: Charles Nicolosi

I work in mixed media that combines acrylic painted canvases, sewing and quilting. I very recently designed a new stained glass look and feel to the Progressive Pride flag that I developed. I paint 12 very large canvases and cut them into strips, then assemble them by sewing machine. Similarly to quilting, there is a layer of cotton batting and a backside fabric. All of the seams are free motion quilted and then mounted to a custom built frame.

I developed a Behind The Art page that describes my varied artwork.

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pride month. pride week. pride parade. pride flag. what a joke. you're all pushing an agenda that knows no end or happiness. you're only real goal is to make sure everyone is as miserable as you are.

Albert Osteen
Albert Osteen
Dec 01, 2022
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Why does it offend you so much?


Unknown member
Sep 08, 2022

Nice, it would look better on fire though.

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