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Athens apartment targeted by gunfire

By Joe Johnson

A home in an Athens apartment complex reportedly was riddled with bullets when it was shot at last week.

According to an Athens-Clarke County police report, the incident happened shortly after midnight Friday when an unknown gunman opened fire on an apartment on Weir Circle in the Parkview Homes public housing community.

Responding officers found five bullet holes in the bedroom window of a teenager who was not home at the time, and they collected five .40 caliber shell casings outside of the residence, the police report noted.

According to the report, a resident of the apartment told officers that her brother called her after the incident and gave her the name of another teen who he identified as the shooter, and a neighbor said that she had just seen that teen when he called out to her as she drove on Waddell Street nearby.

The neighbor described the teen as having shoulder length dreadlocks, who was with another black male who had similar dreadlocks.

Police advised residents of the apartment to contact them if they learned of additional evidence that the teen was the shooter.

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1 Comment

Jan 24, 2023

The drug cartels are paying street gangs to their dirty work!

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