Athens COVID-18 Relief

There are so many amazing community organizing efforts taking place across our city. Let’s make it easier on ourselves by pooling links into one easy-to-read, grab-n-go document.

Anyone can add a hyperlink to this document. Please keep descriptions concise, so this document remains simple and easy to use.



  • Athens Area Emergency Food Bank

  • This food bank is available for all who are facing financial struggles, and worry about where their next meal will come from.

  • Restaurants/Servers:

  • Those in the service industry most likely cannot afford to take off of work, or have no other means to support themselves. Please consider ordering take-out from local restaurants, if it’s possible.

  • Please also consider buying gift certificates to help restaurants and other local businesses through these tough times

  • Food Bank of Northeast Georgia

  • This food bank is trying to meet the growing demand and need for folks who are finding they cannot make ends meet. Please consider donating in order to help them meet this demand. They also have a Food2Kids program that they need a lot more support i.e. donations for to help kids who aren’t getting their meals through school.

  • Food2Kids Program

  • More information on how to help the Food2Kids program, through UGA.

  • Athens Community Council on Aging