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Athens area group presents Stacey Abrams with quilt

Stacey Abrams is presented with a quilt by Sowing Truth and Justice Collective member Julie Buffalo (l) and Pat Nielsen (r)

The Sowing Truth and Justice Collective presented a quilt it made to Stacey Abrams, former Democratic candidate for Georgia governor in Atlanta on March 2, the first day of early voting in Georgia and the day before Super Tuesday.

Six women formed the group in response to Georgia’s 2018 race for Governor, which Brian Kemp won by a whisker in a hotly contested finish.Their sadness over the results germinated an idea to create a quilt infused with love and gratitude for Abrams and her ongoing fight for fair elections.The women met throughout the year to create the quilt.

Their work kept a vision for a better future, not only for themselves, but for their children and their children’s children.

A number of social justice causes inspired the quilt’s design, which remembers a time in America’s past when quilts carried messages of hope and encouragement. Abrams’ recently formed national voting rights organization, Fair Fight 2020, and its logo, inspired the quilt’s center panels. Colors reflect the jewel toned hues of Abrams' attire. The well-known quilts of southern Alabama’s Gee’s Bend collaborative influenced other panels, along with Native American culture’s sacred four directions and four elements.

The Sowing Truth and Justice Collective members live and vote in Madison, Elbert, Franklin, Jackson and Clarke counties. Members include Ginni Edwards, Julie Buffalo, Kathryn Gillett, Pat Nielsen, Julia Vereen and Rosemary Griggs.

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