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Athens judge grants bail to man accused of strangling former girlfriend in hospital bed

Nahjay Rashaun Bradley

By Joe Johnson

An Athens judge recently granted bail to a man who was arrested for reportedly strangling his former girlfriend while she was in a hospital bed.

Nahjay Rashaun Bradley, 25, was charged by police with aggravated assault by strangulation and aggravated battery, and hours later was released from custody after a Magistrate Court judge granted him bail.

According to police, the incident for which Bradley was arrested occurred the night of April 18 at Piedmont Athens Regional, where his ex-girlfriend was in a bed with the couple’s infant son.

The woman indicated that through a third party she had contacted her ex concerning a “situation” with their child, and as she was watching a video on her phone she angled it away from Bradley, who then accused her of talking to other men and grabbed the device with one hand and choked her with the other, according to police.

The alleged victim reportedly said she was unable to breathe, and that Bradley threatened to kill her. After the alleged assault, a security guard took photographs of red marks on the woman’s neck, police said, adding that witnesses told of hearing the woman say “stop” multiple times as they saw Bradley standing next to her bed.

She told the officer that Bradley had been violent when they lived together and had threatened her with guns that he owned, police said.

Bradley had left the hospital prior to the arrival of an officer, police said, and he was later found asleep on the back porch of his apartment on Westpark Drive, where evidence that he had been drinking was observed.

The Clarke County Jail’s website indicated that Bradley was booked into custody at 12:25 a.m. on April 19 and released 10 hours later upon posting bonds to cover the $10,000 bail that the judge had granted. The judge’s name was not indicated.

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