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Athens man pistol-whipped, robbed while smoking on his porch

By Joe Johnson

A 55-year-old man reportedly was beaten and robbed on the porch of his home where he had been smoking a cigarette.

According to police, the incident happened early the morning of May 4 at University Oaks apartments off West Broad Street.

The victim told police that three black males wearing face masks and hoods beat him and struck his head with the butts of handguns and removed about $130 from his pocket.

The attack was interrupted and the suspects fled when an upstairs neighbor who heard the commotion leaned over the railing and made a show of racking a pistol, according to police.

The neighbor told police that the suspects sounded like they were young.

Police said the victim, who was bleeding from his nose and temple, was transported by ambulance to St. Mary’s Hospital.

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So the Junior Varsity is learning their trade at home. Won't be long before they realize the hunting is better in other parts of town. Their parents must be so proud.

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