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Athens man targeted by gunfire on consecutive days

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

By Joe Johnson

A young man was shot at on consecutive days this week during drive-bys at his home on Lavender Road, according to Athens-Clarke County police.

The 21-year-old victim reported that at on Sunday he was sitting on his front porch when three unknown black males emerged from a Nissan with one male holding a long gun, according to police. The victim ran off the porch and hid, police said, then he heard male voices yelling and shortly after that, gunshots rang out.

He was not injured but his home and vehicle were damaged, police said.

Police were dispatched to the same home at 2:24 p.m. Monday on another report of gunfire.

The same victim told officers that he was smoking on the side of the house when he saw a light gray Nissan, which might have been the same car from Sunday’s incident, driving on his street and as he walked toward the front of the house the Nissan made a U-turn, police said.

The victim could see there were four black males in the vehicle, police said, and as the car got closer to the victim’s house the rear passenger window was lowered and four or five gunshots were fired from the car.

The victim, who ran away towards the back yard, was not injured.

A suspicious Jeep that drove by the Lavender Road house on Monday might also be related to the shooting incidents, according to police.

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To my understanding some of the information in this article is not accurate. I know for a fact that the house that has been fired at does not belong to the 21 year old. The house belongs to his father's family and had several other family members there including a seven year old child, parents, and grandmother. Also, there were multiple cars damaged that were not the 21 year old's. This is an attack on a family in our community and it is clear the people responsible for the shooting are not letting the fact that police have been present since the first day stop them from returning, which is concerning and shows they could return again and hurt someone.…

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