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Athens Pétanque club to host regional tournament

Classic City Petanque Club is hosting its first Federation Petanque USA Southeast Region Mixed Triples tournament the weekend of May 20th and May 21st.

Eighteen triples teams consisting of 54 players and representing six clubs from four states (FL, GA, NC, LA) will compete for medals and prizes. All finals games will be held on Sunday.

Spectators are welcome -- just bring a chair!

Classic City Petanque Club was officially formed in August 2018. It currently has over 50 members of all abilities and interests. Its Petanque terrain at Lay Park consists of 10 regulation-sized courts that are used for both social and tournament play. Everyone is welcome to play free of charge whether young or old. A quick lesson is given to new players and all equipment is provided.

The Classic City Pétanque Club has brought the game of Pétanque to Athens. Popular worldwide, pétanque is one of the oldest games in human history, which involves throwing or rolling an object as close as possible to a destination.

Pétanque belongs to a family of ball games that developed in the Mediterranean, today called boules in French and bacci in Italian. The Ancient Romans came up with the idea of adding a small target ball as the des4na4on. The name Pétanque comes from the word “la petanca” in Provençal French dialect, deriving from pès tancats or “feet together.” It’s a fun and competitive game of concentration, strategy, and focus. And when four people are playing it becomes a team sport. Petanque is a play as you learn game, so lessons aren’t necessary. There is no cost, and we have boules and any other equipment necessary to play. But perhaps most importantly, it’s a fun way to get outside in a comfortable setting, chat with your friends, and play.

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