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Athens to host regional pétanque tournament

Classic City Petanque Club will be hosting the second year, the Federation of Pétanque USA’s Southeast Region mixed triples tournament this Saturday and Sunday at Lay Park.

The community is invited to watch as teams compete for medals and cash prizes.

There will be 26 teams of three players each from Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, and Illinois, representing 10)l from the southeast, middle-America, and central regions.

Competitors include the winners of the National Mixed Doubles and Women’s Doubles teams along with players who have competed across the country and internationally on Team USA. 

This will be second time for the tournament to be held in Athens.

 Classic City Pétanque Club was created in 2018 with eight members, it has since grown to have a membership of over 60,

Pétanque began in France in 1907 and is now played around the globe, Though not a new sport it is still relatively new to Athens so the club has been actively introducing the game and recruiting throughout the community as this is a sport for all ages and abilities. Members range in age from 10 to 97.

Mayor Kelly Girtz plans to be there on Saturday morning in order to welcome visitors to the city.

Competition begins 9 am. both days, concluding in the afternoon.

The tournament is free to attend, and it is suggested that spectators bring chairs, beverages as well as a friend or two.

Volunteers will be on hand to explain the game and the Petanque America ( team.

Merch will be available for purchase.

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That's the 18th and 19th. Dates not mentioned in article.

Replying to

Isn’t it enough to indicate that the event is on Saturday and Sunday or must I say Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19?

Or, regardless of what I publish you will always find something to complain or say something critical about?

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