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Athens woman cut severely with broken liquor bottle in altercation over stolen gin

Tiffany Ridgeway

By Joe Johnson

An Athens woman reportedly was severely injured when someone used a broken liquor bottle to stab her in the face and arm.

Her assailant, 42-year-old Tiffany Ridgeway of Zebulon Drive, was arrested by Athens-Clarke County police and charged with aggravated assault.

According to a police report, officers responded Sunday night to the intersection of Vine and Gressom streets to investigate an unknown problem, and upon arrival at that location, an officer found a 33-year-old Water Oak Street resident who was covered in blood.

The officer noted in the report that the woman had a deep cut to her left triceps, where “meaty/fatty tissue was coming out,” and that she also had a deep cut to her face.

The woman, who was highly intoxicated, explained that she had purchased a bottle of gin and left it at the home in the Nellie B community where Ridgeway was staying, and when she returned the bottle was gone, and she knew that Ridgeway had taken it because she was the only person who was at the residence all day, according to the report.

The victim said that soon afterward, she saw Ridgeway walking on Gressom Street and drinking the bottle of gin, according to the report, and upon confronting the other woman, Ridgeway smashed the bottle on the ground and began swinging the broken bottle at the victim who sustained cuts before others intervened to separate the two women.

Police reportedly arrested Ridgeway upon locating her at the Zebulon Drive residence.

The victim initially refused treatment for her injuries, but after Ridgeway was in custody and the victim calmed down, she was treated at the scene by ACC Fire and Emergency Services personnel, who recommended that she go to the hospital for further treatment, police said.

Ridgeway was denied bond at a hearing Monday before a Magistrate Court judge, and as of Tuesday morning, she remained incarcerated at the Athens-Clarke County Jail.

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Jarvis T
Jarvis T
Mar 29, 2022

There’s an OLD saying….

”Show me who your friends are and I’ll show you who YOU are!!!”

Jarvis T
Jarvis T
Mar 30, 2022
Replying to

“Friends “ was meant as a generic term. OK, substitute that word for the word “acquaintance”. It’s still results in the same thing. You let people like this into your life instead of shunning them and you’re going to reap the whirlwind

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