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Athens woman reports being raped by male who repeatedly tased her

By Joe Johnson

Police are investigating an Athens woman’s report that she was raped early Monday by a male who repeatedly shocked her with a taser.

According to an Athens-Clarke County police report, the 33-year-old woman said she was in the area of Vine Street sometime between 3 and 4 a.m. when a black male driving a four-door silver sedan stopped and asked her if she needed anything, expressing concern about the drop in temperature.

The woman said she got into the car and then must have dozed off because sometime later she awoke at the Walk by Faith Christian Fellowship Church on Danielsville Road, according to the report.

The male reportedly told the woman they were at a house where he needed to get something, the report noted, and when she got out to smoke a cigarette the male came from behind and began using a taser on her while demanding that she remove her clothes.

The woman said that she complied after being electrically shocked multiple times by the device, at which time the male forced her into the car’s back seat and raped her, according to the report.

The male drove away and the woman said she was able to call police with the phone in her bag that the male left on the ground.

The report noted that the woman said the offender’s car might have been a Volkswagen with a hood scoop.

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Unknown member
Dec 10, 2021

Clearly her story does not add up or sound believable, she was either working or she got into the car to go buy drugs... Irrelevant. If she was assaulted she was assaulted and the person responsible should be locked in a cage for a very long time.


John Mosby
John Mosby
Nov 30, 2021

Well..... so you were on Vine street, outside mind you, at 3AM to 4AM. Nothing to see her madam. Nothing good happens on the street after 10PM. Nothing good at all happens on Vine Street ever....

Suzanne DeGrasse
Suzanne DeGrasse
Dec 02, 2021
Replying to

Addictions are illnesses. Maybe she has an addiction. Maybe she is a single Mom working 2 daytime jobs and picking up night shifts out on Vine. But even if she did not think about the consequences, stupid doesn't mean "deserves punishment." It means "didn't imagine someone would ever do that to her".

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