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Athens woman shoots gun into attic thinking someone was there

Updated: Jan 11

By Joe Johnson

Police officers reportedly responded to a home on Rock and Shoals Drive the night of Jan. 2 to investigate a woman's report that she shot a gun into the attc because she thought someone was in there.

She told a 911 dispatcher that she was unsure if she had struck anyone with the gunfire, according to the Athens-Clarke County Police Department

When officers arrived at her residence, the 45-year-old woman was standing outside and the gun was on top of a dresser in the bedroom, police said.

The officers found no evidence that anyone had been in the attic, according to police, and the woman's parents did not hear any noises coming from the attic.

The officers collected a spent shell casing and several bullets , along with the gun that had been used, according to police incident report, which indicated that one of the officers transported the woman to a location that was redacted.

Such redactions typically are made to protect someone's medical privacy.

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