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Police arrest six known gang members in Athens

By Joe Johnson

Six known street gang members were arrested for various offenses over the past week, according to the Athens-Clarke County Police Department.

All of the arrests were made on two days, Dec. 3 and 9, at the Athens Gardens apartment complex, said ACCPD Public Information Officer Lt. Shaun Barnett.

The arrests were made by members of ACCPD’s Gang Unit, the Northeast Georgia Regional Task Force and the FBI’s Safe Streets Gang Task Force, as part of an initiative to target criminal gang activity.

Barnett would not say with which gang or gangs the suspects were affiliated, citing an ongoing investigation into gang activity in the county.

In conjunction with the arrests four guns and property from several burglaries were seized.

Those who were arrested and their charges are Kendrick Jackson,28, loitering and prowling and carrying a firearm without a license; Markeith Martin, 19, first-degree burglary; Xavier Mitchel, 20, giving a false name and date of birth to law enforcement; Alijah Nelson, 18, wanted for contempt of court in Oglethorpe County; Trayvon Shields, 20, possession of marijuana; and Davion Mitchell, 19, carrying a firearm without a license. He was out on bond from a previous arrest for criminal trespass and carrying a firearm without a license.

Kendrick Jackson
Markeith Martin
Xavier Mitchell
Alijah Nelson
Trayvon Shields
Davion Mitchell

When arrested on Thursday, Xavier Mitchell was out of jail on a $25,000 bond from an arrest for gang-related activity in July 2019 at Clarke Gardens apartments, in which 24-year-old Auriel Briana “Thumpa” Callaway, an innocent bystander, was fatally shot while rushing her 3-year-old son to safety when she heard gunfire breaking out. Callaway was four months pregnant with a child, who also died.

Police identified a woman who fired the gun that killed Callaway, and after a September trial, 29-year-old Kiresa Cooper was convicted of murder and feticide and received consecutive life prison sentences.

The police investigation did not end with Cooper’s arrest.

In April of last year, police arrested Xavier Mitchell on warrants charging him with reckless conduct, theft by receiving stolen property, and violating the Georgia Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act, all stemming from the fusillade of bullets fired the night Callaway and her unborn son were killed.

“Eighty-four bullets were fired that night by violent street gang members fueled by the regional drug trade,” ACCPD Chief Cleveland Spruill said earlier this week.

Mitchell’s arrest last year stemmed from a traffic stop an officer conducted on a car as it was entering Athens Gardens, and upon seeing that Mitchell was a passenger, police searched the vehicle and located two handguns, two vacuum-sealed plastic bags of marijuana, a digital scale, and an undisclosed amount of cash.

Mitchell was arrested on the warrants and additionally charged with a second count of criminal gang activity, possession of a firearm during the commission of certain felonies, and possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

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This is why you need to move from Athens. Don't be left holding the door! Get your ass out if you don't agree with this. It won't get any better if this woman keeps power. Social Justice Warrior; George Soros Princess, Deborah Gonzalez. She knows who funded her campaign. One Athens? It's a lie.

En réponse à

Yes…I’m familiar with her manifesto. it includes NOT to prosecute anyone under 18 so as to end the pathway from school to prison, which gives the green light for gangs to recruit more than willing 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 year olds as triggermen!

Yes…I see the deterrence her policies have caused to stop crime. A REAL get tough approach that strikes FEAR in the hearts of the violent criminals in our county. I SURE DO feel safer seeing the progress she’s made!

HAH! The ONLY ones in our county that feel safer ARE the CRIMINALS!


I know what gang! It's the ugly mutherfucker gang. Is that the prerequisite to join? Damn, y'all ugly as fuck!!


It's just low level non violent street dealers, right? Well show me the non violent part! Please! We need drug rehab, is what they say..what country has that worked? Where has it curbed use? Legalize MJ, is another problem solver, right? Look on the blotter. All these dealers that deal MJ deal everything else! There's no such thing as just MJ dealing. Lock these stupid violent fuckers up!


Big deal! Our entertainment lawyer DA will either not recommend prosecution or have all these charges plead down to trespassing or maybe public urination.

And commissioner Mariah Parker will simply accuse Athens Clarke County police of being a racist for arresting them! And then to prove her point how innocent all these men are, she’ll probably invite them all over for Christmas dinner in a couple of weeks at her house

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