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Barrow Co. landfill fire expected to burn for days

Smoke from a landfill fire is seen from Georgia Highway 11 (Abigail Johnson/Classic City News)

By Joe Johnson

Barrow County firefighters on Thursday were at the scene of a landfill fire to which they responded just before midnight and where they are expected to remain for days.

The landfill is located off of Georgia Highway 11, near a school where children were being held inside to protect them from potentially dangerous fumes and smoke.

Barrow County Emergency Services Capt. Scott Dakin said that firefighters from his department were assisted by personnel from the Georgia Forestry Commission in bringing the fire under control and to keep it from spreading to homes and Holdenbeck Elementary School nearby.

He said that due to fire crews will remain at the scene while the fire continues to burn "for several days" due to the huge volume of wood on site.

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