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Biggest U.S. economic threat: failure to pay debt

There is nothing more important to our economic well being then the uninterrupted history of our nation paying its debts. Our entire economic standing is dependent on full faith and credit of the United States. Failure to do so will have a devastating effect on every aspect of our economic well being: employment, business activities, access to credit and at rock bottom prices, etc.

Failure to raise the debt limit immediately is not just playing with fire, it is playing with an economic nuclear bomb.

We expect our representatives in Congress to always act based on a full understanding of the facts and in the best interest of our nation, our state and our community.

Failure to provide the funds to pay our debts means our troops are not paid and the security of our nation is placed at risk.

Our members of Congress, regardless of party, must act now to vote in favor of our country paying its debts to our veterans, our troops, our civil servants and to providing vital governmental services.

They must raise the debt ceiling, as was done three times during the presidency of Donald Trump.

Our welfare is in their hands.

They must not fail us.

Bruce and Karen Menke


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