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By Jim Baird

Western Europe and the United States share a place in the long deep shadow of centuries of colonial domination. That domination oversaw the organized extraction of natural and cultural resources.

European and American rulers invaded and occupied vast territories, often cruelly, mostly in the globe’s southern hemisphere. The invaders regarded all occupant peoples of those lands, along with their cultures, as “savage”.

Many of those southern hemisphere lands only shook off their foreign shackles as late as the mid-20th century.

When, after long struggles against ruthless occupation, those colonies finally gained self-rule, the former occupiers left in a big hurry, leaving few offers of technical or political support to native peoples.

The sudden departure of colonial authority left most of the extractive business interests in place, however, and those entities still dominate the political and economic structure of what was labeled “the third world.”

That world has largely been ruled, ever since colonial times, by autocratic regimes that enjoyed the support of European and American authorities. Those post-colonial regimes made daily life intolerable for large numbers of their citizens. Many of them became willing to take crazy chances and pay inflated prices in their efforts to escape home and gain entry into territories of the nations that had for so long drained their homeland resources.

Those daring ones board big overloaded boats to cross wide open seas. They ride in overcrowded truck trailers over long miles of rugged terrain. They trek unguided across miles of desert lands. They strive for something better than their homelands have to offer. Their efforts show them to be much like all of us, pursuing life, liberty, and happiness.

Many politicians today label those burgeoning immigrant numbers as an invasion, but some people call them “chickens coming to roost.”

Jim Baird is a resident of Comer

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By all standards, many of the people conquered were savages. Or do you regard the Aztec practice of sacrificing captives by ripping out their heartsd as being the mark of a civilized culture? If so, I don't want dinner at your home. In many cases, the colonialists brought modernity. India was united from a passel of petty kingdoms, and modern medicine and sanitation brought. Colonialism ended the barbaric practice of Suttee. The English navy stopped the translantic slave trasde, but were not successful at stopping the Arab lands from importing African slaves. I think you need to remember that with very few exceptions most cultures engaged in wars of conquest and subjucation. One example of this is the Arab …


Perhaps you can name a single country or culture today or historically that treated weaker peoples "nicely.?" You do realize that most slaves were sold to slavers by tribes who conquered other tribes and took them as captives. I keep on asking you to cite an example of a nation or ethnic group that was as "enlightened" as you think Western societies should have been. If you cannot, then that proves to me that you are choosing to single out one group for your condemnation. For the record, I acknowledge that African slaves and native Americans were not well treated by modern standards. I will also point out that it was the Western European societies and the US who cr…


Thank you for sharing such an important message. Most people don’t see the harm the US and some European countries have done to this world. Maybe if they understood their part in the displacement and suffering of people from other countries, they wouldn’t be so quick to hurt, deport, imprison, kill and torture said people.


Are you the same Jeffrey Wieler that had to resign from your mayoral position because of your transphobic comments on social media? The same Jeffery Wieler that was thrown off a United airlines flight for fighting with another passenger? You seem like a real gem. LOL

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