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Cedar Shoals H.S. security tightened in gang murder aftermath

By Joe Johnson

Cedar Shoals High School has taken extra security measures in the aftermath of last week’s fatal gang-related shooting at Hallmark Estates mobile home park on Spring Valley Road.

“These measures include an increased presence from the Athens-Clarke County Police Department, Clarke County School District Police Department, and district office support staff,” Principal Antonio Derricotte wrote in a letter to student families. “Although mentors, volunteers, and other regular visitors will continue to be welcomed on campus, we will employ a more rigorous screening of other campus visitors during this time. Further, please remember we do not allow food deliveries to campus at any time.”

Derricotte said the measures would remain in effect until all of the suspects were in custody.

One suspect is in custody, but authorities on Wednesday continued to search for others, who are said to be former CSHS students.

Kyron Zarco-Smith was a 3-year-old innocent victim when he killed and his brother was injured by gunfire into their home last Friday afternoon.

The two former students were identified by police as Jayden Brown, 16, and Kadious Rico Echols.

Kadious Rico Echols

A third suspect, Julian Omar Cubillos, was arrested on Saturday and remained in jail.

All three suspects are said to belong to the same gang and that the home they shot up had been occupied at the time by a rival gang member.

Police have asked for anyone with information about the shooting to contact Detective Paul Johnson at 762-400-7060 or

A reward of up to $2,000 is offered for information that leads to an arrest, and tips can be anonymously provided over the Crime Stoppes confidential tip line at 706-705-4775,

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I wanna know what the home life was like for these thugs. In my mind I imagine a single mom and several siblings in some public housing situation. But am I stereotyping? Athens deserves to know where the incubator for this murderous lifestyle exists. Then we burn it to the ground.


Don't forget to remember, all you bleeding hurt liberals that voted for Gonzalez as district attorney with her softball Portland/Seattle based liberal progressive, restorative, cop hating, justice policies, she adamantly said that there will be NO Pipeline from school to prison!

What does this mean?

Under HER watch, even if they catch these perpetrators, she will ensure they never spend one day in any type of confinement at all!!!

All you citizen liberal boneheads that voted her into office, your chickens have come home to roost! This was the type of justice you wanted, now you're going to get it!


Perhaps, once in prison, they will start a Cedar Shoals prison Alumni group.

Fight you mighty Jaguars, fight you Orange and Blue!

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