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Cedar Shoals student charged with making assault weapon threat in classroom

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Cedar Shoals High School

By Joe Johnson

A Cedar Shoals High School student was charged with making a terrorist threat in connection with an outburst in the band room Wednesday in which she referred to an assault rifle.

The 14-year-old girl is seen in a Facebook video screaming at classmates as she packed up her instrument, yelling about how she came to school to learn but was in a classroom where she was unable to learn.

“You can meet me outside because you’re going to get AR-15'ed, I (expletive deleted) swear,” the student screamed prior to storming out of the room with what appeared to be a teacher following.

A woman who claimed to be the mother of the girl’s friend posted on Facebook that the video began recording the girl’s behavior after she had been bullied, causing her to snap.

According to a joint statement Thursday afternoon by the Athens-Clarke County Police Department and Clarke County School District, “The student was removed from the classroom and the threat was immediately communicated to the CCSD administration, who disciplined the student in accordance with the CCSD Code of Conduct.”

A letter explaining the incident was sent to parents. According to the statement.

“The incident was investigated by ACCPD’s Criminal Investigations Division,” the statement said. “After investigation, ACCPD issued a juvenile complaint for terroristic threats for the student”

The statement encouraged families to discuss the dangers of weapons and the use of threatening language in school and remind their children to immediately report any weapons or threats to an adult.

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