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Child injured in drive-by shooting that targeted home in east Athens

By Joe Johnson

A child reportedly was injured early Saturday when her home in east Athens was targeted in a drive by shooting.

Athens-Clarke County Department said it received 911 calls shortly after midnight regarding gunshots near a residence in the 1900 block of Winterville Road, and responding officers found that the home had been struck by multiple bullets, one of which injured a 16-year-old girl who was inside.

Investigating officers located at the scene about 30 spent shell casings of two different calibers, police said, and an unoccupied neighboring was also damaged by gunfire.

The girl had been shot in the hand, but police said the injury was not serious and she received medical treatment in the home.

A motive for the shooting had yet to be established as of Monday morning, said ACCPD spokesman Lt. Jody Thompson who added, "However, we are not ruling out that this was a gang-motivated shooting.”

Police asked for anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact Lt. Shaun Barnett at 762-400-7318 or at

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Do you know what the REAL problem IS?! The liberals put their finger RIGHT on it back in 2021. And the problem is TOO MANY POLICE!!!

The police are responsible for all this violence and many progressives and liberals were right when they said to defund and abolish the police! Abolish the police, and you will abolish all the violence, pain and suffering!

look how well things are running in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco! They have the right idea out there!


Athens, a real nice place to raise your kids....gangs, subpar schools, weekly shootings, lax prosecution and a Portland Loo one seater costing over $300,000 and over $30,000 per year to maintain.

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Go Dawgs, tho! 😂


Izzy Mendalbaum
Izzy Mendalbaum
Sep 25, 2023

My friends, we live in Dodge City. Recent stories in other media tend to point the finger at lax and/or delayed punishment for this sort of crime. We know the DA is soft, and sadly some of the judges may be soft too. Let's catch 'em, lock 'em up, turn off the electricity and feed 'em chitlins for the duration of their time in our local hell.


Psychopathic animals.

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