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Athens-Clarke County grand jury seeks applications for Board of Tax Equalization

The Grand Jury for the July 2023 Term of the Superior Court of Athens-Clarke County, Georgia, is required to make six appointments or reappointments to the Board of Tax Equalization of Athens-Clarke County:

  • Two alternate members to fill unexpired terms that expire December 31, 2024

  • A regular member and three alternate members to fill three-year terms from January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2026

The Board of Tax Equalization is responsible for hearing appeals on property values and exemptions. This independent board sets the date and time for hearings, hears evidence from both the taxpayer and the Tax Assessors Office, and makes an independent decision based on the facts presented in much the same manner as a courtroom jury. After hearing evidence from both the taxpayer and the appraisal staff, the Board of Tax Equalization renders a decision on the value of the property/exemption.

Within the first year after an initial appointment to the Board of Tax Equalization, each member or alternate member shall complete at least 40 hours of instruction in appraisal and equalization processes and procedures, as prepared and required by the Commissioner of the Department of Revenue. 

Following the completion of each term of office, a member shall complete no less than eight hours of continuing education training annually in appraisal and equalization procedures. 

Failure to fulfill any of these requirements shall render that member or alternate member ineligible to serve on the board.

Any resident of Athens-Clarke County who owns real property and is a high school graduate is eligible for appointment to the Board of Tax Equalization. Interested residents are encouraged to apply. Printable and online applications are available at or at

Applications must be submitted online or to the Appeal Administrator, Elisa Zarate, Clerk of Superior Court, Athens-Clarke County, 325 E. Washington Street, Room 450, Athens, GA 30601 or by email to elisa.zarate@accgov.comno later than September 1, 2023. The process is pursuant to state code sections OCGA 15-12-81(b) and OCGA 48-5-311.


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