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Classic City News publisher hospitalized, in ICU

Updated: Aug 14

By Dawn Hawkins Johnson

Joe was admitted to the ICU at Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center early Monday morning.

He has pneumonia, but some other issues going on that the doctors are trying to identify to figure out why he got so sick so quickly.

We are letting our readers know in case they wonder why there might n less content on CCN today and on coming days.

we do know thet it's unrelated to brain tumor and that it likely is due to his other rather complicated condition--Myositis, a rare autoimmune disease that makes infections much worse.

That is why he was away from his computer so often over the past several months.

The Myositis caused Joe to have bronchitis , influenza, Covid , pneumonia and a combination of Covid:/pneumonia.

However it takes him to get better I have a hunch you stick might see a story or two with his byline because he has his phone and I can never get him to give it a rest!


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