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Climate Change-Danger and Opportunity?

Dear Editor,

The word for crisis in Japanese has two characters. The first means “dangerous". The second means "opportunity". Can they both be true?

Scientific studies and disastrous climatic conditions confirm the crisis of climate change and the dangers to our planet and ourselves. But "opportunity?  Incredibly, yes. And plenty of it.

Incentives in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) have stimulated private sector investment around our state and in household energy efficiency.    

The IRA has spurred billions of dollars of investments in Georgia’s manufacturing sector and brought thousands of jobs, particularly in rural areas, including:

·      $2.5 billion expansion of Q-cells solar manufacturer in Northwest Georgia

·      $4.3 billion electric vehicle battery plant  in Bryan County

·      $200 million in KIA plant in West Point, Georgia

·      Expansion of SK battery plantin Roswell, Georgia

·      $72 million invested in Georgia Congressional District 10for two new clean energy projects

·      $930 Million invested in Georgia Congressional District 12for five new clean energy projects

·      Over $18 billion in private investments in new clean energy manufacturing facilities and installations statewide

·      More than 16,000 new clean energy jobs statewide

Tax credits and rebate programs are helping families invest in modern equipment to keep their homes comfortable, lower utility bills and provide healthier indoor air.   

During upcoming budget negotiations in Congress, it is essential that Georgia's Representatives and Senators across party lines maintain IRA programs that are sustaining Georgia’s success as a clean energy power house.

The "opportunity" in this crisis is real...... and it is ours for the taking!

Bruce Menke


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