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Democracy 101

By Bruce Menke

To preserve our democracy, we cannot allow attacks on the performance by executive branch, the judiciary or the legislature of their duties under our Constitution.

We look to Congress to address vital issues affecting the welfare of our nation. The failure of refusal of members of Congress to perform their duties places the very existence of our democracy at risk.

Members of Congress, sworn to perform these duties, who decide their loyalty is not to the country but to some other cause or individual can render our country helpless and bring our beloved country to its knees.

In recent days, a candidate for the Presidency has decided it is in his personal interest to prevent action by Congress to address vital matters, including immigration law reform and assistance to Ukraine and Israel.

Incredibly, some members of Congress from Georgia, in blind obedience to that individual, are choosing to violate their oaths of office and refusing to address these urgent matters. They are betraying our nation and our state. Surely, these individuals have no business being members of the United States Congress representing Georgia.

We are witnessing how those who engaged in violent attempts to overthrow our democracy are, one by one, being held to legal account for their efforts to do so.

Surely members of Congress who violate their oaths of office solely to advance the political ambitions of one individual must be held to account by Georgia voters for doing so as well.

Bruce Menke is a resident of Athens

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This is rich! This executive has been ignoring its duties since Inauguration Day!

The faux outrage is entertaining though 😂

Replying to

Biden hasn’t done anything of note while in office except aid and abed a genocide against the Palestinian people. I won’t be voting for him or trump. The longer it takes people to realize there are other choices, the longer we will remain in this two-party hellscape.

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