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Discovering Watkinsville: The Charming Suburb of Athens

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

From Peach State Places

Welcome to Watkinsville, a charming suburb of Athens located in Oconee County.

Watkinsville offers residents a rural feel and is considered one of the best places to live in Georgia.

The town is known for its strong sense of community and is an ideal place for families and young professionals to settle down. Let's explore the various aspects that make Watkinsville a desirable place to live.

Population and Housing

With a population of 2,888, Watkinsville is a close-knit community where most residents own their homes. The median home value is $256,400, which is higher than the national average of $244,900. The median rent in the neighborhood is $1,132, slightly lower than the national average of $1,163. The rent-to-own ratio in Watkinsville is 27% to 73%, indicating a higher percentage of homeowners in the area.

Neighborhood Rankings

Watkinsville consistently ranks highly in various categories. According to Niche rankings, it is the 6th best place to buy a house out of 393 neighborhood in Georgia.It also ranks 6th in terms of having the best public schools out of 292 neighborhoods. Additionally, Watkinsville is recognized as the 6th best suburb to buy a house in Georgia out of 166 neighborhoods.

Crime and Safety

Violent Crimes(Calculated annually per 100,000 residents) vs nationwide:

  • Assault 69.8 282.7

  • Robbery 34.9 135.5

Property Crimes(Calculated annually per 100,000 residents) vs nationwide

  • Burglary 69.8 500.1

  • Theft 1360.8 2042.8

  • Motor Vehicle Theft 34.9 vs 284.0

When it comes to crime and safety, Watkinsville fares well compared to national averages. The violent crime rate in Watkinsville is significantly lower than the national average, with an assault rate of 69.78 per 100,000 residents compared to the national rate of 282.69. The murder rate in Watkinsville is also lower at 34.89 per 100,000 residents compared to the national rate of 6.08. In terms of property crimes, Watkinsville has a lower burglary rate of 69.78 per 100,000 residents compared to the national rate of 500.13. The theft rate in Watkinsville is 1,360.78 per 100,000 residents, lower than the national rate of 2,042.79. The motor vehicle theft rate in Watkinsville is also lower at 34.89 per 100,000 residents compared to the national rate of 284.04.

Resident Diversity

Age Distribution

  • Age<10 years 0.12361495844875346

  • 10-17 years 0.1139196675900277

  • 18-24 years 0.12707756232686981

  • 25-34 years 0.10664819944598337

  • 35-44 years 0.1745152354570637

  • 45-54 years 0.11668975069252077

  • 55-64 years 0.10110803324099724

  • 65+ years 0.13642659279778394

Education Levels vs National

  • Master's degree or higher 0.24741144414168936 0.130820341502415

  • Bachelor's degree 0.23923705722070845vs. 0.20587987553332618

  • Some college or associate's degree 0.32643051771117165 vs National 0.2871688902051139

  • High school diploma or equivalent 0.13460490463215258 vs National 0.2648712959947021

  • Less than high school diploma 0.05231607629427793 vs National 0.1112595967644428

Watkinsville is diverse. in terms of age groups. The population breakdown by age is as follows: 12% are under 10 years old, 11% are between 10-17 years old, 13% are between 18-24 years old, 11% are between 25-34 years old, 17% are between 35-44 years old, 12% are between 45-54 years old, 10% are between 55-64 years old, and 14% are 65 years old or older.

Education and Schools

Education is highly valued in Watkinsville, and its public schools are highly rated. Some of the top public schools serving Watkinsville include Dove Creek Elementary School, OCES, OCMS, CFES, and OCHS. In addition to public schools, there are also several top private schools nearby, such as Athens Academy, Prince Avenue Christian School, WCA, Athens Christian School, and St. Joseph Catholic School.

Places Similar to Watkinsville

If you're looking for similar places to Watkinsville, you may consider exploring nearby neighborhoods such as Bishop, North High Shoals, Bostwick, Bogart, Jefferson, Madison and Hoschton. These neighborhoods offer a similar rural feel and sense of community.

Watkinsville Resident Reviews

Current residents of Watkinsville have expressed their love for the neighborhood. One resident, who has lived in Watkinsville for 13 years, mentioned that they moved from Athens due to the busy university atmosphere and found Watkinsville to be a peaceful alternative. They highlighted the expansion of the main artery, the presence of a new shopping center and health campus, and the excellent schools as some of the reasons why they enjoy living in Watkinsville. They also mentioned that there are plenty of activities to do in the area, making it a great place for retirees as well. Overall, residents have positive experiences and appreciate the unique qualities of Watkinsville.

With its strong sense of community, highly rated schools, low crime rates, and diverse population, Watkinsville is truly a gem in Oconee County. Whether you're a family looking for a safe and welcoming neighborhood or a young professional seeking a peaceful environment, Watkinsville has something to offer for everyone. Come and explore this charming suburb of Athens and experience the best of Georgia living.

Disclaimer: The data and information cited in this article are sourced from and are provided for informational purposes only. This content was assisted by AI and may contain errors. Please verify critical information with trusted sources.

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