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Do you know what the color of your bread bag twist ties really mean?

When you are making toast in the morning or whipping up a yummy sandwich for lunch, you might have noticed that the twist ties or plastic tabs on your loaf of bread come in different colors. While these ties and tabs are pretty handy at keeping your bread fresh, they actually have another purpose to them. Considering each American eat about 53 pounds of bread each year — or if you are like me the number is probably closer to 75 pounds — there are a lot of colorful bread ties that pass through our homes and it's time you knew what each color means.

Ready to have your mind blown? The genius people over at Wise Bread explain the colors actually stand for the day the bread was baked. Monday — blue, Tuesday – green, Thursday — red, Friday — white, and Saturday — yellow. Usually, Wednesday and Sunday are not part of bread companies delivery schedules so those days do not get a color-coded bread tie.

If you are saying "Fun fact but how is this going to help me?" then you must not like fresh bread because now you can waltz into your local grocery store armed with this new knowledge and find the freshest loaf of whole wheat, rye, or pumpernickel. So, if you are shopping on a Tuesday, be sure to grab bread with a blue tag because it was baked yesterday.

The colors are meant to help grocery store employees clear the shelves of stale loaves of bread and the colors are actually in alphabetical order to help them easily remember which color represents which day. Pretty cool, right?

While this tidbit of bread tie info isn't top secret, it has been gaining popularity on the internet because The Tasting Table posted the picture and explanation that quickly went viral.

It's important to remember that not all bread companies follow these colored bread tie rules so be sure to double check the sell by date on the bag before purchasing.

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