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End partisan gerrymandering now

We have an urgent message for all members of the Georgia state legislature.

Dear Senator or Representative,

Your most important duty is to protect and defend democracy in Georgia.

As you draw the district lines for federal and state elections, you can do immense good or frightful evil. You can faithfully serve your fellow Georgians and our state or abuse your power for selfish and unworthy purposes to the detriment of all Georgians.

You can create districts which are non-partisan, protect the right of all Georgians to vote, to have their votes count and to freely choose their representatives, or you can pervert the redistricting process to create districts which fragment communities, eliminate the power of the people to freely choose their representatives in competitive elections and fatally attack our democracy.

In 2016, 80 % of all races for the Georgia state legislature were uncontested. The Georgia legislature ensured that free and fair elections were impossible and guaranteed that candidates from only one party could win. Your predecessors protected incumbent legislators, split and divided communities and prevented the voters from choosing the most competent senators and representatives to lead our state.

Public opinion polls show that Americans do not want partisan gerrymandering by either party.

You can end partisan gerrymandering, protect the right of Georgians to choose representatives in competitive elections or you can undermine Georgians’ most basic right, the right to free and fair elections.

Failure to end gerrymandering will not only be a violation of your most sacred duty, it will destroy democracy in Georgia for many years to come.

Make the right decision. End partisan gerrymandering now.

Karen and Bruce Menke


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Why? So the socialists can have more power to ruin?

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