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Felon charged with fleeing traffic stop, driving recklessly through downtown Athens

Jaleel Savonlakel Campbell

By Joe Johnson

A convicted felon on probation has been arrested for having fled from a police traffic stop and driving recklessly through downtown Athens before wrecking his car.

Jaleel Savonlakel Campbell, 25, was charged with felony fleeing to elude law enforcement, two counts of felony probation violation, and numerous traffic violations.

According to police, the incident happened late the night of Feb. 15 and Campbell was arrested Tuesday on warrants.

Police said they had stopped Campbell’s car on Danielsville Road because its tag and taillights were not working, and as officers talked about searching the vehicle due to an odor of marijuana Campbell sped away.

Officers lost sight of the fleeing car as it headed towards downtown, police said, and it was later found wrecked and abandoned at West Hancock Avenue and North Newton Street.

Police said they learned that Campbell was on probation for having been convicted of robbery and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

They also found out that the suspect had a history at an apartment at Parkview Homes, but when officers went there with a keyholder, the unit was vacant.

He also has had numerous cases in Clarke County State and Superior courts that date to 2015.

By viewing footage from surveillance cameras, police said they were able to see Campbell's car travelling recklessly through the downtown area, running red lights, cutting off another vehicle, on the wrong side of the road, and crashing into a curb, causing a tire to fall off.

When served with warrants this week by the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office, Campbell had a home address in Alpharetta.

He was being held at the county jail without bail being granted.

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Another shining example of rehabilitation by repeated scoldings. One more time…👮‍♂️


Well, the probation sentence for an armed felony did not scare him straight. Imagine that.....

This time maybe our district attorney go for Double Secret Probation!

Surely that will prompt him to stop his life of crime.


Unknown member
Apr 13, 2023

He was on probation for robbery and possesion of a firearm by a convicted felon? (Clearly they downgraded it from armed robbery) PROBATION?! Probation even though he apparently has a lengthy criminal record here in ACC... Enough of this BS. Put these violent criminals in fucking prison the first time around!


Izzy Mendalbaum
Izzy Mendalbaum
Apr 13, 2023

I know that many people who are on probation obey the rules and end up living a good and honest life. Wait, maybe that was a dream. Anyway, ole Jaleel is clearly a bad dude. I'm working on a plan to make a penal colony on Jekyll Island. That would be perfect for this dude. Watch this space.

Apr 16, 2023
Replying to

Jekyll Island is not Sea Island or Hilton Head , but it is a nice place.

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