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Former UGA employee indicted for allegedly taking bribes from vendor

By Joe Johnson

A former manager of the University of Georgia Health Center Vision Clinic was indicted this week for allegedly accepting bribes meant to influence sending business to a vendor.

Amy Barron Stowers, 47, was charged with four felony counts of bribery, according to the indictment that was filed Tuesday in Clarke County Superior Court.

The indictment alleges that Stowers on four occasions accepted gift cards totaling $2, 550 in value from Imagewear in return for referring to the company clients of the UGA clinic.

The university fired Stowers in 2020 when she was being investigated by UGA police.

Two other employees who allegedly accepted gift cards from Imagewear were arrested on multiple counts of theft by conversion, but their cases were dismissed prior to indictment because the District Attorney’s Office did not believe that they had criminal intent, according to court records.

Stowers, a Gainesville resident, is scheduled to be arraigned on April 18.

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