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'Ghost Face' suspect transferred from prison to Athens jail for alleged 2019 assault

Austin Kyle Bogue

By Joe Johnson

A Madison County man was let out of prison on Tuesday only to be sent straight to jail in Athens for an assault he allegedly committed four years ago.

Kyle Austin Bogue, 30, of Highway 172 in Colbert was transferred to the local lockup on warrants charging him with aggravated assault and first-degree burglary for the alleged incident that occurred on March 19, 2019, in the 6000 block of Lexington Road in Winterville.

According to a police report, Bogue and another man each proclaimed himself to be a “Ghost Face” when threatening the 49-year-old victim with knives and dousing him with gasoline.

They apparently made reference to the prison based white supremacist gang known as the Ghost Face Gangsters.

The assault reportedly arose from a dispute the victim had with Bogue over work he that was supposed to have been done on a car, and the victim also accused Bogue of stealing.

The victim told police that he had met Bogue when they were in the Madison County Jail together.

After the victim said he was knocked to the ground and splashed with gas, according to the police report, Bogue and his partner allegedly kicked him as he lay on the ground, threatened to set him on fire, and then Bogue allegedly ran from the house with the victim’s rifle and sped away in a car.

Police said attempts to locate Bogue at the time were unsuccessful.

Bogue was subsequently convicted of firearms charge in Madison County and was sentenced to a prison term that ended on Tuesday, according to the Georgia Department of Corrections,

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