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Gofundme established after triple-fatality collision in Madison County

Hey, my name is Mookae. This fundraiser is going towards three people that had recently died in a car accident. One of them was my brother and the rest of them were my friends. This wrecked had happened in a small town outside of Athens Georgia. To be exact this happened at the stop sign of madico drive. One of the guy which were my friend left behind his 9 month old daughter and a wife, the other two were both beloved son and friends to many in the communities. They all followers of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Now they watching us from heaven grieving. This money is going towards the family expenses for funeral. And please bring awareness to be safe on the road. Life is precious and it could end in any moment.

Don’t forget to say I love you to your love ones. Every dollar counts. Rest in peace to those 3 people.

Click this link to donate

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