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Barrow Co. teacher’s truck vandalized by apparent hate

By Joe Johnson

Authorities are investigating an incident of vandalism in Barrow County that was an apparent act of hate.

On April 8, a resident on Mary Alice Drive in Winder reported to police that someone had spray-painted “TRANS DAD” in red on the back of his pickuup truck.

The victim told police he was a teacher in Barrow County but did not believe any of his students damaged his car.

According to police, the victim said that his wife is also a teacher at a local middle school and had previously had an issue with one of her students who lives in their neighborhood.

An investigation was continuing.

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3 opmerkingen

We must prosecute this hate crime! They should wear a scarlet H for Homophobe as this is nothing short of fear! #ProtecttranscommunityLBQGIADREP%$#


Exactly, my heart goes out to them.


Well this breaks my heart… 😔 People are so disgusting.

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