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Her son was ‘fully unconscious’ when UGA students saved him. They all cried when he began breathing again

University of Georgia sorority sisters reunite with mom Cori Craft

Nearly a month after rescuing a mom and her two young boys from a sinking car, five University of Georgia sorority sisters are opening up about what happened that day — and reuniting with the mom they helped rescue.

Molly McCollum, Jane McArdle, Eleanor Cart, Clarke Jones and Kaitlyn lannace were en route from Athens, where the university is located, to Savannah for a girls’ weekend on March 15 when they came across an accident in Burke County.

“If we were five seconds later we wouldn’t have even seen the car go off the bridge,” McCollum said on Good Morning America during an interview that aired on April 10.

But instead of driving on, they stopped, called 911, and waded into the cold water to help those in the car.

"The quick thinking and bravery of these women is absolutely admirable," the Burke County Sheriff’s Office previously said. "We are grateful you were in the right place at the right time."

For mom Cori Craft, who was inside the vehicle with her two sons, the girls were the difference between life and death for one of her boys.

“I heard them on the bank, and they shouted if I was ok,” Craft told GMA. “I’m like, ‘No, my kids are in the car.’ ”

The group of women managed to get Craft’s 8-year-old out of the car, but her 4-year-old was submerged underwater for several minutes before they were able to get him out of the SUV.

“We finally pulled him out of the vehicle and he was fully unconscious,” McCollum recalled. “It was terrifying.”

Thankfully, McArdle knew CPR from her previous work as a lifeguard in high school, and was able to perform life saving measures until he began breathing again. She added, "at that point, all of us were crying."

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After being transported to a local hospital, the mother and the children were in good condition, virtually unscathed except for some seatbelt burns, GMA reported.

“Without them stopping, I know I would not have my youngest here," Craft told the outlet. "Because I knew I would not have been able to get to him in time."

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