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A refreshing patriotic perspective

The popular American Rescue Plan addresses the COVID induced crisis we continue to experience. It provides much needed relief for many of our families, friends and neighbors. Georgia Congressional Democrats voted for us to receive a $1400 check and for those of us unemployed, they voted in favor of us receiving federal unemployment benefits of $300 week plus state benefits until Labor Day. They also voted for Georgia school systems to receive $4.25 billion to pay expenses created by the coronavirus and money for vaccine distribution to help save us from this terrible virus.

With its expansion of child tax credits, subsidies for childcare, expansion of food assistance, lowering of costs of healthcare, and rental assistance, the American Rescue Plan is set to cut child poverty in half. You’d think our professed pro-life, pro-family, Republican Congressmen would have given their amen to the plan. They gave it a resounding “Nyet”.

The American Rescue Plan is a statement about the role of our government. Rather than trying to free individuals from the burdens of supporting an active government by cutting taxes and services—as Republicans advocate— this bill uses government power to support ordinary Americans. A refreshing patriotic perspective.

Angela Greene


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