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Fifth confirmed case of COVID-19 in Clarke County

By Joe Johnson

The number of confirmed cases of people infected with the coronavirus disease 2019 in Athers-Clarke County rose from three on Monday to five on Wednesday afternoon, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health.

The DPH updates its COVID-19 report each day at noon.

The highly contagous and rapidly spreading disease as of Wedesday had infected 197 Georgians, one of whom died, according to the DPH.

Some counties have large clusters of confirmed cases, such as Fulton with 58 cases, and Cobb with 28, according to the DPH.

In response to the pandemic that has emptied workplaces, businesses and schools, President Trump on Friday declared a national emergency, a move that will release funding to states to help them cope with the public health emergency.

In Georgia, Gov. Brian Kemp this week ordered the closing of all schools through March 31. With many companies and government agencies allowing employees to work from home and limiting the size of public gatherings, officials hope such measures will help to slow the spread of disease by limiting person-to-person contact.

People sheltering at home is the mantra officials have been stressing as a necessary precaution against contracting the virus.

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