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Ending the Paralysis of our National Government

As we consider the four candidates in the all-important runoff election for the U.S. Senate, the choice has never been more important for all Georgians, regardless of political affiliation.

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed more than 300 bills in response to the biggest challenges our Republic faces, including desperately needed Covid-19 relief, protecting access to affordable healthcare in a time of a deadly pandemic, providing unemployment relief for millions of Georgians and protecting the right to vote.

Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate Leader, has gleefully declared that he will be the “Grim Reaper” who prevents these bills from being submitted to the Senate, much less voted upon. Sadly, and dangerously, Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue have refused to end this willful embargo of legislation. Our national government is paralyzed and unable to enact legislation vital to the health and well-being of all Georgians.

Loeffler and Perdue are not running on their records of putting the well being of Georgians first because they have no such records.

David Perdue has focused on his stock portfolio, with more than 2,500 transactions, many involving companies which he is responsible for regulating. Billionaire Kelly Loeffler, the richest member of the U.S. Senate, has also been focused on increasing her wealth. Even her professional basketball team wears jerseys protesting Loeffler’s refusal to take a stand against racial violence.

Neither Perdue nor Loeffler has prioritized helping Georgians. Indeed, both have supported actions to deprive millions of Georgians from access to affordable health care.

Rev. Raphael Warnock has devoted his life to fostering action to improve the lives of our citizens. Jon Ossoff has dedicated his efforts to exposing abuses and crimes so that they can be addressed.

Our beloved country cannot tolerate four more years of selfish power plays preventing the Senate from addressing our country’s needs.

We must end Senate gridlock. We must have two senators who are committed to putting Georgia first.

We must elect Warnock and Ossoff as our senators.

Bruce Menke


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We are in trouble. Democrats will take this country down. I am ashamed I am from Georgia.


Loeffler and Purdue . . . we can’t let the democrats take over . . .


If warnock and Ossoff are elected Georgia is in trouble. Vote and elect Perdue and Loeffler. Don't let the Democrats win.

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