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Is the Clarke County School District Missing out?

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

The last edition of the Walton EMC Realite featured an article on the schools that received monetary grants from the unclaimed refunds. The total amount was a whopping $360,338. The money was given to 56 schools in the Walton EMC service area. According to Walton’s Community and Public Relations Director, Mr. Brooks, school principals in their service area have the opportunity to apply for up to 3 grants. As a member of Walton EMC and Clarke County resident, I was interested in which schools in the Athens area got grants. This is what I found ranked by per capita income of each county. Oconee (4) got $70,658, Morgan (12) got $24,209, Gwinnett (13) got $132,864, Walton (32) got $102,865, Barrow (48) got $2750 and Clarke (60) got $6718. Dekalb (9), Green (21), Rockdale (23) and Newton (40) all got $0.

I don’t know how applications for grants are evaluated nor what the criteria are for awarding them, but I would suggest the Clarke County School principals in the Walton service area not pass up this opportunity to help fund many needed programs to benefit the children of poorest county in the Walton EMC service area.

Robert B. Covi, Bogart

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