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Public hearing set for proposed rezoning of north downtown Athens

The Athens-Clarke County Unified Government is considering the rezoning of 55 properties north of Dougherty Street. A map showing the subject area is below:

Currently, the subject properties are variously zoned as C-D (Commercial-Downtown), G (Government), RM-2 (Mixed Density Residential), C-N (Commercial-Neighborhood), C-G (Commercial-General), C-O (Commercial-Office) and E-I (Employment-Industrial). The C-D zone is divided into several design areas with varying development standards based upon the physical characteristics of each individual area.

The Planning Department has analyzed appropriate zoning and the potential future development impact of possible zoning changes, as well as the character of the existing development. Staff is proposing a rezoning of the entire subject area to C-D (Commercial-Downtown) and the placement of five parcels into the Dougherty Street Downtown Design Area and 64 parcels into a proposed North Downtown Design Area. Additionally, staff is proposing an extension of the Downtown Future Land Use designation to all of the parcels not presently designated as such. A Future Land Use designation guides zoning and policy decisions of ACCGov.

The Planning Commission will consider this proposal at a public hearing on Dec. 10, at 6 p.m. in the Planning Department auditorium at 120 W. Dougherty St.

In response to the state of emergency in Georgia regarding COVID-19, the Planning Commission meeting will be held via the WebEx online meeting platform, which will be streamed live on YouTube. Written or emailed public comments received by the Planning Department no later than noon on Wednesday, December 9 will be forwarded to the Planning Commission for their consideration prior to the hearing. Members of the public will also be allowed three minutes to address the Planning Commission via electronic communication provided in the Auditorium at 120 West Dougherty Street, subject to safe distancing measures.

A qualified interpreter for the hearing impaired is available upon request at least ten (10) days in advance of the December 10, 2020 meeting by calling the Planning Department at 706-613-3515 [TDD (706-613-3115)].

The purpose of the Planning Commission hearing is to be a forum for receiving public comments in favor or in opposition to the proposal. For any questions about the proposal, the approval process, or public comment opportunities, please contact the Planning Staff prior to the hearing by phone (706-613-3515) or by e-mail (

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