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Stop the Attack on Georgia Voters

According to some Republican members of the Georgia General Assembly, Georgia has an election crisis: too many registered voters are voting! Fortunately, these Republican members have a solution, actually lots of solutions for this dire situation: enact dozens of measures to make registering to vote and casting ballots in Georgia elections much more difficult and, in this period of deadly covid-19, even more dangerous. Thank goodness these Republican members are eager to stamp out this plague of Georgians voting in Georgia elections. Where would we be without them!

Here is the background: as a result of automatic voter registration when requesting or renewing drivers licenses and impressive voter registration campaigns, the percentage of Georgians qualified to vote but not registered has fallen from 16% to 2%. With the rampaging covid-19 epidemic, no-excuse-needed access to absentee (mail in) ballots has enabled Georgians to cast their ballots without risk of contracting the deadly virus. In recent elections a third of Georgians voting used absentee ballots. The presence of secure and convenient drop boxes enabled Georgians to avoid possible delays and uncertainties in the use of the mail.

According to these Republican representatives, the record 5,000,000 voter turn-out in Georgia and the absence of any significant fraud or abuse (as attested to by numerous recounts, a massive voter signature check and a half dozen law suits, all found to be without merit) have given rise to a very serious loss of public confidence in Georgia’s elections. Have you got that? Makes sense, right?

Let’s get real. For the first time since 1992, the Democratic candidates for President and Vice President carried Georgia. To add to the outrage, the two Democratic candidates for the US Senate also won. This has got to stop.

Solutions: make voter registration harder; limit the use of absentee ballots severely; eliminate drop boxes; enact dozens of measures to stop those pesky Georgians from voting safely and in record numbers.

I respectfully suggest this conduct is both outrageous and a clear and present danger to democracy in Georgia.

It is high time to stop this massive attack on Georgia Voters. It truly is time to stop the steal.

Bruce Menke


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