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Update: Authorities investigating deaths of two males in Oglethorpe County

By Joe Johnson

The Oglethorpe County Sheriff’s Office was investigating the death of two males whose bodies were discovered Sunday in a home they shared in the eastern part of the county.

According to Oglethorpe County Sheriff David Gabriel, deputies found the bodies when asked by a family member living in Vermont to perform a welfare check at the residence because they had not heard from the males in about 10 days.

The deaths did not appear to be from natural causes, and Gabriel said there were several "scenarios" of how the males could have died that continued to be investigated.

He would not comment when asked if a weapon was found at the scene.

Though investigators had a good idea who the deceased males were, decomposition made immediate confirmation of their identities impossible, Gabriel said.

"After the autopsies, we should know more about what happened by Wednesday," the sheriff said.

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