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In Remembrance of David Deshun Cooper

David Cooper with his nerphew Kyzen "Luke" Yearby

David Deshun Cooper, 24, was fatally shot the night of July 17, 2018 outside Perry’s convenience store on Barnett Shoals Road in what authorities called a gang-related incident. Since then, Cooper’s family members have been seeking justice for Cooper because the person who actually shot him multiple times was not indicted for murder and is out of jail on bond while two other participants in the incident who never fired a gun were charged with murdering Cooper.The following memorial was submitted by Cooper's family.

“Koop", as he was affectionately called by his loved ones, was taken from us violently and suddenly one year ago today, on July 17, 2018.

Though you are gone physically you live on in our hearts and thoughts in each moment of every day. We were blessed that God allowed us 24 years of life to experience with you.

We never got the chance to say a proper goodbye, so we say it now to our beautiful baby boy.

You were such a beautiful, joyful, and mischievous little one. As you grew into a young man you were fun loving, sensitive and loyal.

You were a loving uncle who enjoyed playing with Luke, David, and Dej'a. There is an overwhelming sense of loss and emptiness in the absence of your presence.

Though you are gone you will forever live on in our hearts, thoughts, and memories.

You deserve justice, Deshun, and we will keep fighting for you

Regardless of whatever mistakes you may have made they did not define the essence of who you were. You were human and just as valuable as anyone else. Your life mattered and still does.

We will always love you, Deshun.

Your mother, Barbara Patman and father, David Cooper; brother Akii Cooper; sisters Kadrica Yearby and Kiresa Cooper; niece Dej'a Adams; and nephews Kyzen Luke Yearby and David Adams Jr.

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