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Integrity of voting system imperiled

Love him or hate him, but for goodness sake, listen to Robert Mueller’s dire warnings. He is trying as clearly as he knows how to warn us that Russian operatives are hell-bent on destroying our trust in democracy by actively meddling in our voting systems. And Mueller knows this how? Because the men and women who work in the FBI, CIA, and other alphabet agencies charged with keeping us safe did their work on this issue with the same diligence and professionalism they have always used to protect us and keep us safe. Why are we not acting?

Here in Georgia the officials charged with ensuring the safety of our election system are jaw-droopingly and blithely moving forward to replace one bad voting system with another bad system that relies on hackable electronics (I’m not saying this—-the experts are). Every patriotic Georgian should be up in arms that our Congressional representatives are not standing up and demanding action on Mueller’s message to the country Wednesday afternoon. Unbelievably, the very next day, our Georgia senators backed up Senate Leader Mitch McConnell to block Democrats from pushing forward an approved House bill that authorized funding to beef up state election systems. McConnell said the administration had already made great strides to protect elections and then sniped at Democrats for wanting to do something proactive. This is insanity writ large, folks.

This Georgian is upset and feeling pretty helpless right now. The only bright spot I see on the horizon is that Georgia may still be saved from administrators’ gross incompetence if federal judge Amy Totenburg stops Georgia from ever again using the old voting system. Given the new flawed electronic system may not be certifiable by the 2020 general election, her decision could be divine intervention from above.

Peggy Perkins


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