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Jacked Georgia cheerleader who went viral resurfaces as strength coach

Reprinted from the New York Post

More than a decade later, many remember her muscles but don’t remember her name.

Former Georgia cheerleader Anna Munzenmaier — then Anna Watson — was once a viral sensation for her unusually large biceps, with some joking she had bigger biceps than the players she cheered on each Saturday.

But after the photos of Munzenmaier showcasing her biceps hit the internet in 2012, she went under the radar after explaining there’s more to her than just her physique.

“I know that my identity is not in working out,” Munzenmaier told The Red and Black in 2012 . “It’s not who I am. It’s not what I want people to see me as.”

But Munzenmaier has come to the surface again, this time with a job that certainly lines up with her passion.

Munzenmaier is now a strength and conditioning coach for D1 Training in Athens, Ga.

This career path most definitely tracks not only with her viral muscles, but also with her exercise science degree she earned from the University of Georgia.

According to the D1 Training website , Munzenmaier loves to train women, getting them to a point where they feel confident and strong whether or not they are in the weight room.

Munzenmaier also wants her clients to not only leave stronger than they came, but also wants them to appreciate all the amazing things their body can do.

Munzenmaier has been using her passion for fitness and ability to stay grounded since her viral moment, knowing there is more to life than fitness.

"Yes, on the outside, I’m a very fit individual, but when you get to know me, my life is not all about exercise and working out,” Munzenmaier told The Red and Black in 2012. “I think it’s really important to stay grounded and know who you are and knowing that shaping your bicep is not going to shape your personality. It’s not going to shape your goals in life.”

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