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Jackson County man arrested for allegedly punching daughter who failed to win wrestling match

Steven Mathue Slaton

By Joe Johnson

A Jackson County man was arrested over the weekend after he allegedly slapped and punched his daughter at a private youth wrestling event.

According to a release from the Hall County Sheriff's Office, 38-year-old Steven Mathue Slaton of Commerce was charged with first-degree cruelty to children for the incident that occurred Saturday afternoon at Cherokee Bluff Middle School In Flowery Branch.

Deputies were called to the school after receiving a report about Slaton punching and slapping his daughter, the news release states.

"The preliminary investigation revealed (that) Slaton became angry at his daughter for failing to win a wrestling match being hosted at the school," the release said.

Authorities allege that Slaton punched the girl in the back, slapped her face and then picked her up by the ears, lifting the girl over his head.

Slaton remained in the Hall County Jail on Monday in lieu of a $11,300 bond.

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He doesn't deserve children. I hope DFAC's is investigating this child, and any others in the households safety.


If he did this in public, imagine what he does behind closed doors. I hope his daughter and anyone else living with him are in a safe place now. If not, our system is a complete failure.


Other commentors are right. He's trash. And now his big hairy face and shiny pate are known by his friends and family as a hotheaded ass. This dude's life has changed. Go get help.


I wonder how bad the wife's got it? SCUM.

Replying to

I hope that his wife is getting help and that his daughter is in a safe place. What a scary situation for them.


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