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Just a Piece of Paper

Some members of the legislature propose eliminating concealed carry permits. 88% of Americans think you should get a permit before carrying a concealed gun in public.

In Georgia, people can acquire firearms from a licensed gun dealership or through a private sale. In the former case, there is a mandatory background check. There is no mandatory background check for a private sale, but a gun owner must obtain a permit for concealed carry of a firearm.

To receive a concealed carry permit, you must: be 21 years old; a US citizen or permanent resident; have no felony convictions; no criminal record involving a controlled substance; not be subject to a restraining order relating to possessing a firearm without a permit or in an off-limits area; no misdemeanor for drug use within five years; be mentally fit; not be a fugitive from justice or have an arrest warrant; not have had your firearm permit revoked within three years; meet other federal law requirements needed for a concealed carry weapons permit.

A concealed carry weapons permit is not, “just a piece of paper”. It is an indispensable protection for all Georgians.

The Georgia permit procedure does not violate the Second Amendment. The Supreme Court has never held otherwise.

When states weaken law enforcement’s authority to deny permits to people who pose a danger, violent crime rates rise by 13-15 percent over what would have been expected without the change.

Eliminating the permit requirement is an irresponsible idea that endangers law enforcement and all Georgians and adds nothing to protecting them.

Bruce Menke


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