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'Justice For Adriana' rally held in downtown Athens

By Joe Johnson

A rally was held downtown Friday evening to keep ta spotlight on the case of Adriana Castañeda, an Athens resident who recently was found dead after being missing for two weeks.

“Justice For Adriana ”was organized by Digndidad Immigrante en Athens, an immigrant human rights watchdog group. Among other things, it highlights cases of immigrants who go missing and are murdered.

Although the cause of Castañeda’s death continues to be investigated by police, the 38-year-old woman’s family believes that she was likely killed.

Castañeda, a Mexican immigrant, was last seen at her home on Kathwood Drive on March 4, and police found her body on March 21 in a wooded area near Maple Forge off of Lavender Road.

Police said there were no obvious indications of fatal injury, and an autopsy at the State Crime Lab was inconclusive.

The event on Friday included speeches and testimonials about Castañeda on the steps of City Hall and educating the public about issues of social justice of concern to immigrants.

Police asked for anyone with information related to Castañeda’s disappearance and death to contact Detective David Harrison at 762-400-7361 or

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